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Diversity and inclusion programming at Rogers State University seeks to create an environment that recognizes and celebrates our diverse culture.

At RSU we are educating and challenging the preconceived notions with well-informed facts regarding issues of identity, culture, power and influence. Programming is guided with the acknowledgement that diversity encompasses much more than race, including gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status.

Diversity and inclusion at RSU seeks to prepare all members of the RSU community to thrive in an increasingly diverse and global society, a world in which the ability to successfully navigate difference is a requirement and not an elective.

Diversity and inclusion provides support for the following:

  • MLK Week of Service programming
  • Celebration of cultural heritage months and holidays
  • Supporting and advocating for students from diverse backgrounds

The Integration Project

Integration: [ in-ti-grey-shuhn ] The act or process of uniting different things.

The Integration Project is a series of events, training, and organizations to better assist the Rogers State University community in understanding and embracing the various forms of diversity on campus while creating an environment that promotes inclusivity and togetherness.

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