Student nurse adjusting an IV bag.

Step One – Get Admitted to RSU

You must first be accepted to Rogers State University before you can apply to the RSU Nursing Program. Submit RSU Admission Application.

Step Two – Apply to the BSN Program

After being admitted to RSU, you are eligible to apply to the Traditional BSN Program. Entry into the program is biannually in fall and spring semesters. All transcripts must be submitted to be considered for admission. Before starting the application below, you will be prompted to create an account. Be sure to save your progress if you are unable to complete it all at once.

Spring Admission: April 1 – July 1

The application for spring admission to the BSN program will be available from April 1 – July 1.

Apply Now to the BSN Program


Fall Admission: November 1 – February 1

The application for fall admission to the BSN program will be available from November 1 – February 1.

Attended a nursing program before? Reapply instructions below.

If you have attended any nursing program leading to RN licensure, including Rogers State University, from which you did not graduate, you are considered a readmission applicant. Please see the Nursing Student Handbook. Complete the application above for the semester in which you wish to be readmitted (fall/spring) and select β€œyes” on the first question regarding Admission Type.