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    Rogers State University GOLD Program Sees Record Growth

Guard Officer Leadership Development Program

Join the leadership program that helps you achieve in the Oklahoma National Guard.

Are you ready for a challenge? The GOLD program is the premiere leadership program for Oklahoma National Guard soldiers who attend Rogers State University. We build your academic leadership training into your college curriculum so you will learn how to motivate groups and effectively lead others while working toward your college degree.

Your ambition to lead and learn is what brings you to the GOLD program, enlisting in the Oklahoma National Guard with the goal of becoming an Army National Guard officer. With your drive, hard work, and the rigors of the GOLD program, you can step into the role of a National Guard officer with confidence and knowledge to spare.

While you train to be a National Guard officer in the GOLD program, you will receive the benefits of serving in the Army National Guard. Your classes, leadership labs, physical training, and field training will integrate your service in the Oklahoma National Guard with your academic progress, bringing together your goals and dreams of knowledge, experience, and service.

Upon your successful completion of the GOLD program, you will earn the rank of Second Lieutenant and become a commissioned Army National Guard officer.

GOLD Program Benefits

In the GOLD program, you will develop the ability to lead military missions in the Army National Guard and, later, in your career. The benefits of your learning will last a lifetime, beyond your service in the Oklahoma National Guard. Some of the skills you will learn are:

  • Life skills in time management, problem-solving, and organization
  • Professional skills in effective communication and PowerPoint presentation
  • Leadership skills in small group team-building and management

Your commitment to the GOLD program has additional benefits: You’ll gain the support and stability to study and train hard to be your best as a National Guard officer and a student. These benefits include:

  • Non-deployable through graduation
  • 100% paid college tuition and other financial assistance
  • Leadership lab instead of drills
  • Commission at 90 hours with GOLD versus 124 hours with ROTC
  • Paid training
  • All military benefits

Whether you are already a soldier or are considering becoming one, you can combine your college enrollment with the GOLD program to give yourself the chance to succeed as an Army National Guard officer.

Participation in the GOLD program

  • Applicants/soldiers accepted into the GOLD Program will not be mobilized for the duration of the time they are in the GOLD Program.
  • Failure to meet GOLD requirements and maintain full-time student status will end stabilization and return the soldier to his/her parent unit.

Oklahoma National Guard Gold Program Eligibility and Curriculum

Continue the proud history of the Oklahoma Military Academy—now the site of RSU—by combining your college degree with your participation in the GOLD program.

Eligibility for GOLD National Guard officer program:

  • Meet all current National Guard enlistment criteria
  • Be of high moral character
  • Agree to complete basic and advanced individual training
  • Agree to enroll in GOLD at RSU as a full-time student for the duration of the program
  • Attain a 110 GT score or higher by the end of your sophomore year of college
  • Hold and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Interview with GOLD personnel by telephone or in person

Why Choose RSU GOLD for Your National Guard Officer Training?

RSU and the GOLD program together provide you with excellent education, training, and community. The student-first approach embodied in RSU’s curriculum means you get the attention and support you need to learn while you train. The integrated approach to National Guard officer preparation gives you both academic support and leadership challenges.

You can continue the legacy of the finest Army National Guard officer training program on the historic grounds of the Oklahoma Military Academy while you complete your college degree. Advance your knowledge and standing in the Army National Guard and enjoy the fellowship of your peers in the GOLD program at RSU.

What Can You Do With an RSU GOLD Program Degree?

Your GOLD program and RSU degree will allow you to become an Army National Guard officer. But you can major in different subjects during your time in the program, which gives you options in military and civilian life after serving as a National Guard officer. Here are some of the possible positions:

  • Combat specialty officer
  • Engineering, science, or technical officer
  • Executive, administrative, or managerial officer
  • Healthcare officer
  • Human resource development officer
  • Media and public affairs officer
  • Protective service officer
  • Support services officer
  • Transportation officer

Beyond your military career, your degree and your Oklahoma National Guard service can qualify you for many stable and lucrative civilian jobs. The discipline, skills, leadership, and knowledge you will gain are valuable assets in many business and organizational positions.

Financial Aid for the Oklahoma National Guard GOLD Program

When you take on the challenge of the GOLD program, you receive generous financial support and possible incentives to help you succeed in college, the Army National Guard, and your future career:

  • 100% paid college tuition
  • Residence hall scholarship
  • Books/fees scholarship
  • Possible Oklahoma Military Academy Scholarship
  • Federal tuition assistance, Montgomery GI Bill benefits, loans, grants, and the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (OHLAP)
  • Paid training


GOLD enlistment applicants are eligible for all current ARNG incentives, provided they meet the criteria outlined in the current Army National Guard’s Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP).

Join RSU’s GOLD Program and the Oklahoma National Guard

The challenges are great, but the rewards are even greater in the Army National Guard officer GOLD program at RSU. Apply today to secure your future.

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