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Rogers State University in Claremore has a storied past that began in 1909 when it first began as Eastern University Prep School. Becoming the Oklahoma Military Academy in 1919 it was not until 1972 the Claremore Junior College was born. CJC became Rogers State College, Rogers University, and now of course Rogers State University. Over the last 113 years the school on the hill has produced many wonderful alumni. Since the year 2000 RSU has been a traditional four-year accredited university graduating the first bachelors degrees in 2002. It is time to recognize our distinguished alumni and shine a light on their success stories.

Our inaugural RSU Alumni Association Award nominations will open June 1, 2022.

Starting in 2023 the RSU Alumni Association Board will select from public nominations to determine the award winners. Our distinguished alumni categories will include:

RSU Alumni Rising Star (graduated in last five years). We will be seeking an alumnus that has hit the ground running after graduation. The ideal nominee will be making big changes in their local community, leading a business, or developing talent all while representing exactly what it mean to be a Hillcat.

RSU Distinguished Hillcat (graduated since 2000). Celebrating over twenty years as a four-year university, this successful nominee will be established in their field and a perfect example of the difference a degree from RSU can make.

Hill Legacy Award (OMA,CJC,RSC). It is always important to give credit to those that came before us. This award is open to anyone that graduated any of our preceding schools.

These awards will be presented annually to alumni who, through personal achievement and service, have brought honor and statewide, regional or national distinction to both themselves and RSU. Nominators are not required to be alumni, a nominee must be an alumnus with a degree.