2017 Constitution Award Photos

2017 Constitution Award
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Each fall since 1987, Rogers State University has presented the Constitution Award to a distinguished Oklahoman who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the principles of the United States Constitution through his or her life’s work.

The recipient of this distinguished award, which is well recognized and regarded across Oklahoma, is typically a lifelong public servant who has diligently guarded the principles of the U.S. Constitution and advanced the well-being of the state through public service.

Board of Governors

  • Mr. Alex Adwan
  • Mr. P. Mitchell Adwon
  • Mr. G.T. Blankenship
  • The Honorable David L. Boren
  • Dr. Danette Boyle
  • The Honorable Thomas R. Brett
  • The Honorable Claire V. Eagan
  • Congressman Mickey Edwards
  • The Honorable James O. Ellison
  • The Honorable Charles Ford
  • Chief Judge Robert Henry
  • The Honorable William Holloway Jr.
  • Ambassador James R. Jones
  • Mr. Jenk Jones, Jr.
  • Former Governor Frank Keating
  • Mrs. Patience Latting
  • The Honorable Joseph Morris
  • Mr. James H. Morrison
  • The Honorable George Nigh
  • General Dennis J. Reimer
  • President Larry Rice
  • The Honorable David L. Russell
  • Mr. Ross O. Swimmer
  • The Honorable Penny Williams
  • The Honorable Lee R. West

Past Honorees

  • 2017: Congressman Mickey Edwards
  • 2015: General Dennis J. Reimer
  • 2014: Ambassador James R. Jones
  • 2013: The Honorable David L Russell
  • 2012: The Honorable Claire V. Eagan
  • 2011: The Honorable Joseph W. Morris
  • 2010: Senior Judge Stephanie K. Seymour
  • 2009: Chief Judge Robert Henry
  • 2008: Governor Frank Keating
  • 2007: Anthony M. “Tony” Massad
  • 2006: The Honorable Lee R. West
  • 2005: Governor George Nigh
  • 2004: The Honorable Charles R. Ford
  • 2004: The Honorable Penny Williams
  • 2003: G. T. Blankenship
  • 2002: The Honorable Thomas R. Brett
  • 2001: Alex Adwan
  • 1999: Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr.
  • 1998: The Honorable Hannah Diggs Atkins, former Secretary of State and Secretary of Human Services
  • 1997: The Honorable David L. Boren, President of The University of Oklahoma, former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, and former Governor of the State of Oklahoma
  • 1996: The Honorable Marian P. Opala, Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and former Chief Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • 1995: Patience Latting, Former Mayor of Oklahoma City
  • 1994: Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher, Attorney, Educator, and Civil Rights Leader
  • 1993: The Honorable Henry Bellmon, Former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma and former Governor of the State of Oklahoma
  • 1992: Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Publisher Emeritus of the Tulsa Tribune
  • 1991: The Honorable William J. Holloway, Jr., Senior Circuit Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit
  • 1990: The Honorable Carl Albert, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • 1989: Ross O. Swimmer, Director of the Office of Indian Trust Transition, Office of the Secretary of the Interior; former Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs for the Department of the Interior; and former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
  • 1988: The Honorable Fred Daugherty, Senior U.S. District Judge for the Western,Northern, and Eastern Districts of Oklahoma
  • 1987: The Honorable Lyle Boren, Former U.S. Congressman