The time to become familiar with emergency procedures is BEFORE an emergency.

If a building evacuation occurs, every department should have a specific pre-determined emergency assembly area where employees, students, and visitors should meet to check in with the supervisor.

A manager from each building should be responsible to assign primary search responsibilities and the emergency assembly location for faculty and staff.  Search assignments should be posted in various locations throughout the building. Following a search, the RSU Police Department or other emergency response personnel should be notified of missing persons.

Some emergencies may require evacuation of the building. In this event:

  1. Take all alarms seriously. When the fire sound alarms, activate the building evacuation plan and leave the buildingIMMEDIATELY.
  2. Fire alarms or verbal notice will USUALLY be used to sound the evacuation.
  3. Safely stop your work. Remain calm and orderly.
  4. Gather your personal belongings quickly since it may be hours before you are allowed back into the building.
  5. Seek out and give assistance to disabled or injured people in the area. *Refer to section for persons with limited mobility/special need. All floors in the building must be searched including bathrooms, classrooms, etc. Refer to the search assignment for the building.
  6. If safe to do so, close doors and windows, but do not lock them.
  7. Never block stairwell doors open.
  8. If time permits, turn off the power to all electrical equipment.
  9. Walk quickly, but do not run to the nearest safe exit via the stairway. NEVER USE ELEVATORS.
  10. Follow emergency evacuation plan or instructions from RSU Police or other properly identified emergency personnel.
  11. Go to your pre-determined Emergency Assembly Area, which should be a safe distance away from the affected building(s). Report to your supervisor. If you don’t know about your departmental emergency assembly area.
  12. Keep all roadways and walkways clear for emergency vehicles.
  13. NEVER RE-ENTER ANY BUILDING until instructed to do so by Claremore Fire Department or RSU Police or other properly identified emergency personnel.