Research Center Strategic Goals

  • Develop high quality empirical research on issues related to family, poverty, and trauma in Northeastern Oklahoma counties.
  • Identify evidence-based strategies to address family issues related to poverty and trauma in Northeastern Oklahoma counties.
  • Produce evidence-based findings for policy-making, state, national, international research, counseling, and education.
  • Conduct research providing evidence-based knowledge (or findings) for state issues (e.g., female incarceration, domestic violence, drug addiction, mental health, poverty, and family disruption.
  • Achieve research center status recognized for being rigorous and committed to high academic standards and social problems.
  • Conduct evidence-based research relevant for academia and for social issues present in the state of Oklahoma.

Research Center Objectives

Develop high-quality empirical research in the areas of poverty, family, and trauma.

  1. Define the main research topics for future research work.
  2. Provide literature reviews of the main areas of the center’s research.
  3. Develop and revise current work conducted by similar research centers in the U.S. and around the world.

Create long-term research teams within the Department of Psychology and Sociology.

  1. Create a digital map depicting past and current research work developed by all professors and  students.
  2. Specify the main topics and problematic areas investigated by the center’s members.
  3. Develop research teams of professors and graduate-level students (graduate assistants).

Provide data, solutions, findings, and suggestions to current-state problematics in the areas of poverty, family, and trauma.

  1. Provide empirical evidence that identifies the salient issues faced by Oklahoma (poverty, addiction,  family disruption, mental health, etc.).
  2. Create a public database (website) that shares the data described in activity 3.A. and that justifies the work of the center.
  3. Develop professional and research networks with the state Capitol, cities, other research centers, and private and philanthropic organizations.

Publish research in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

  1. Define the research methods and standards for the research work developed by the center.
  2. Identify scholarly journals, organizations, and scholars currently researching the problematic issues identified in this proposal.
  3. Submit manuscripts to peer-reviewed science journals.
  4. Present the work in research conferences.

Procure funding from external sources for the research developed within the center.

  1. Identify the main grants offered for this type of research.
  2. Develop the processes for grant applications.
  3. Apply for national and international grants for research.