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Why Choose Communications at RSU?

RSU’s broadcast studios are superior for a regional university. RSU Radio (KRSC-FM) is a full-power radio station that includes six audio studios, a state-of-the art transmitter, world-wide streaming and a brand-new music-tracking system.

The 100-seat performance studio includes full lighting and sound, a switcher and three-camera operation, and a fiber-optic connection to RSU Public TV (KRSC-TV). RSU Public TV (KRSC-TV) is the state’s only full-power television station licensed to a public university and produces special interest local programming, children’s programs and documentary features. 

Mathew Rahn, B.A. Communications

“A Communications degree has a lot of career options. One of the strengths of the Communication program at RSU is the technology that we have access to. The experience you get working with software, cameras, editing bays and production studios helps enrich the educational process, and you can apply those skills to real-life situations. Everything you learn in the program will help you excel no matter where you go. If you’re not sure what degree you want, Communications is a great place to start.”