The Writing Center provides support for faculty across the disciplines. Faculty are encouraged to visit the Writing Center for help with research and writing projects.

The Writing Center offers several options to assist faculty in their courses, including:

  • Writing Center Orientations – The Writing Center Coordinator (or a senior consultant) will visit your class to explain the Writing Center hours, location, and services. This helps to increase the Writing Center’s visibility on campus, as many students aren’t aware of the resources at their disposal!
  • Writing Workshops – In conjunction with instructors, the Writing Center can develop and lead a writing workshop on a specific skill, topic, or writing assignment. If you are interested in creating such a workshop, please contact Hayden Bozarth at [email protected].
  • Embedded Consultants – The Writing Center consultants are happy to assist you in the classroom. If you would like to schedule an embedded tutor to assist during your class period, email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

How Can You Support the Writing Center?

  • Share links from our list of trustworthy free writing handouts/websites with your students.
  • Encourage students to visit the Writing Center.
  • Share feedback with coordinator when your students visit the Writing Center.
  • Request to discuss assessing student writing in your field.
  • Send requests, questions, comments, or concerns about the Writing Center to Hayden Bozarth ([email protected]).

Boilerplate Text about the Writing Center for Your Syllabi

The RSU English and Humanities’ Writing Center is in Baird Hall, Room 206 with one satellite tutoring location on the Bartlesville campus (room 725). There, students may access free writing help with any writing project at any stage of the writing process. Writing Consultants are trained to work with students across disciplines and academic fields and are familiar with writing assignments across campus. Writing help is available over the phone or online for students who are working full-time or who have transportation issues. Call 918-343-7838 or email [email protected] for more information.

Important Policies

Please do not require students to use the Writing Center’s services for a certain written assignment or for every written assignment. This practice floods the Writing Center with students who are not actually looking for help but only seeking to meet a requirement for points.

The Writing Center can help willing students improve their writing skills, as well as their basic study skills. Awarding bonus points for visiting the Writing Center is also discouraged.

Note that we do not assist students on the day the assignment is due, though we will answer a few brief, specific questions if we have time. We do not discuss grades or grading practices with students.

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