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If you find or open a suspicious package, letter, box, or container:

  1. Do not handle the package. Call 911 and the RSU Police Department at 343-7624.
  2. If you have opened a suspicious package or letter, leave the package or envelope in place. Be careful not to touch any objects or surfaces to avoid further contamination. Slowly leave the room and notify others in the vicinity to leave the room as well.
  3. Do not operate any power switches.
  4. Do not activate the fire alarm.
  5. Move to a safe area outside the building and call 911 and the RSU Police Department.
  6. Do not allow reenter the area/location where the package is located.
  7. Follow the instructions you will receive for decontamination from the fire department or RSU Police or other recognized authorities in case the material is hazardous.

If a Bomb Threat is Received Over the Telephone, Take the Following Actions:

  1. Stay calm. Try to pay close attention to all details. They may be important.
  2. Take notes. Attempt to get the following information from the caller:
    • Who are you?
    • Why are you doing this?
    • What time is the bomb set to explode?
    • What does it look like?
    • Who else have you told?
    • What is your organization?
    • Where is the bomb placed?
    • What type of bomb is it?
    • From where are you calling?
  3. Have a co-worker or another person contact the RSU Police Department at 343-7624, using another phone.
  4. Write information down as the caller says it and have the co-worker relay information to RSU Police.
  5. Try to keep the caller on the phone. Listen for any background noises, voice inflection or accents, and/or anything that would help determine the origin of the call.
  6. Evacuate the building only upon the instruction from properly identified emergency personnel or as deemed appropriate in individual situations.

If You are Told to Evacuate:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings as you evacuate. Avoid and do not touch suspicious or unfamiliar items.
  2. Take personal belongings when you leave if it will not delay your departure. You might not be allowed back in for an extended period.
  3. Leave doors and windows open.
  4. Do not turn on or off lights.
  5. Only use the stairs; Do Not use elevators.
  6. Move well away from the building to your departmental Emergency Assembly Area and wait for further instructions from RSU Police or other recognized authorities. See General Building Evacuation for your departmental Emergency Assembly Area.