Oklahoma Board of Nursing Information

Department of Education Information

As of July 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education requires nursing programs to disclose the following information about one’s eligibility to obtain a nursing license in each of the US states and Washington D.C.:

  1. The program meets requirements for RN licensure
  2. The program does not meet requirements for RN licensure
  3. It has not been determined if the program meets requirements for RN licensure

The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Under the NLC, nurses can practice in other NLC states, without having to obtain additional licenses. Use the chart below or visit the NLC website to what states your licensure is accepted.

States Meets Licensure Requirements for RN Does Not Meet Licensure Requirements for RN Has Not Been Determined to Meet Licensure Requirements for RN
Alabama X    
Alaska     X
Arizona X    
Arkansas X    
California     X
Colorado X    
Connecticut     X
Delaware X    
Florida X    
Georgia X    
Hawaii     X
Idaho X    
Illinois     X
Indiana     X
Iowa X    
Kansas X    
Kentucky X    
Louisiana X    
Maine X    
Maryland X    
Massachusetts     X
Michigan     X
Minnesota     X
Mississippi X    
Missouri X    
Montana X    
Nebraska X    
Nevada     X
New Hampshire X    
New Jersey     X
New Mexico X    
New York     X
North Carolina X    
North Dakota X    
Ohio     X
Oklahoma X    
Oregon     X
Pennsylvania     X
Rhode Island     X
South Carolina X    
South Dakota X    
Tennessee X    
Texas X    
Utah X    
Vermont     X
Virginia X    
Washington     X
West Virginia X    
Wisconsin X    
Wyoming X    
Professional Licensure Disclosure Map