students posing on steps outside building

Power Outage:

  1. Notify Physical Plant at the proper number(s). After hours notify the RSU Police Department at 343-7624.
  2. If phones are not working properly use a cell phone to contact RSU police.
  3. If evacuation of the building is required, utilize the General Building Evacuation Plan.  Remember to exit using the stairways. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Seek out persons who need assistance in the evacuation.
  4. Notify fire department if a power outage occurs in a laboratory setting and mechanical ventilation is interrupted as vapors of chemicals may reach hazardous concentration levels and a hazardous materials team is needed.
    • Laboratory personnel should secure experiments or activities that may present a danger with the electrical power off or when it is restored unexpectedly.
    • Close sashes on fume hoods and clean up or put away chemicals.
    • Notify the lab supervisor immediately.
    • Do not perform procedures using hazardous materials until power is restored.


  1. If flooding occurs because of a plumbing failure or other problem, stop using all electrical devices.
  2. Notify the Physical Plant of the problem (343-7818) and the specific location.
  3. As necessary, evacuate the area or building. See General Building Evacuation.

Gas Leak:

  1. Cease all operations immediately and evacuate the area using the General Building Evacuation Plan.
  2. Do not switch lights on or off. Do not take time to open windows or close doors.
  3. Leave the area to report the gas leak. Call 911 and notify RSU Police at 343-7624 by using a cellular phone after evacuating.
  4. Do Not re-enter the building until cleared to do so by the fire department or RSU Police or other proper authorities.

People Trapped in an Elevator:

  1. Use the emergency phone in the elevator and/or push the alarm button and wait for help. Alternatively, call RSU Police at 343-7624 if a cell phone is available.
  2. If you discover trapped persons, talk to them and try to keep them calm until an officer or other help arrives.