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Student Complaint/Grievance Reporting

The purpose of this form is to provide an opportunity for students at Rogers State University to have complaints/grievances addressed fairly and professionally. Through open communication, we strive to ensure that RSU’s codes of conduct protect the students, faculty, and staff of the Hillcat community. Reports of complaints/grievances are made through the Vice President for Student Affairs office for investigation and resolution.

See the Student Code of Conduct for more information about your rights.

If a person is an immediate threat to themselves or someone else or is incapable of caring for themselves, CALL 911.

Process of Reporting

The student should first discuss and attempt to resolve the issue with whomever the issue arose, if at all possible. Please note, this request does not apply in cases of alleged sexual harassment, sexual misconduct. or discrimination. In those cases, the student should contact the Office of Student Conduct and Development/Title IX. In the event that such an informal discussion is not possible or the issue is not resolved, students may initiate a complaint/grievance preferably within thirty (30) workdays of the alleged incident. The administrator or designee receiving the complaint shall attempt to resolve the matter and report the decision, in writing, to the complainant(s) and respondent(s) via their RSU email address within fifteen (15) workdays of receiving the complaint.

Out-of-state SARA students (students attending RSU through the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement) who feel that RSU has not satisfactorily addressed their complaint should see the OSRHE SARA Student Complaint process. Additional complaint information for SARA students can be found here: SARA Portal Entity.


Rogers State University strictly prohibits retaliation against and intimidation of any person because of his or her reporting an incident or filing a complaint and/or grievance. Retaliation includes attempting to penalize or taking any form of adverse action against a person because of his or her filing of a complaint or grievance. Adverse action includes, but is not limited to, making threats, intimidation, reprisals or any other adverse action relating to employment, academic, health care or institutional benefits. The University will take strong disciplinary action in response to any retaliation or intimidation.

Please Note:

  • If the complaint involves academic matters, it first should be directed to the appropriate academic office. There is a Code of Academic Conduct procedure for reporting academic misconduct or other issues outlined in the Academic Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • If the complaint involves disability services matters, please complete the Disability Grievance Form (pdf) and return to the Office of Disability Services, 1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd. Claremore, OK 74017, (918) 343-6828. 

As a reporter, you are encouraged to share as much information as you can. However, any individual may make a report anonymously concerning an act of sexual misconduct and/or individuals who have violated college rules and regulations, as listed in the Student Handbook. An individual may report the incident without disclosing his or her name, identifying the respondent, or requesting any action. Depending on the level of information available about the incident or the individuals involved, the college’s ability to respond to an anonymous report may be limited.

All reports will go to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Submit a Grievance Form

A hard copy of this form is available in the Office of Student Affairs (Dr. Carolyn Taylor Center) should you prefer not to complete the electronic version.