girl on balconyMBA Admission Standards

Multiple criteria are considered when evaluating a student for admission to the MBA program. Criteria may include the following:

Full Admission

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher:
A degree in a business related field is recommended. Applicants with a degree in a field other than business are required to complete a business preparatory course with a grade of B or better. Credit for this course will not count toward the 36 hour program requirement. International credentials must be evaluated by World Education Services (WES) for US baccalaureate equivalency.

GMAT or GRE Scores:
Testing dates must be no more than 5 years prior to date of application. Scores must be submitted to the MBA Program Coordinator by the testing service. Applicants who have earned a Master’s degree or higher are not required to submit test scores.

Criterion Formula:
Admission is based on a formula including test scores and cumulative undergraduate GPA.

  • (200 X GPA) + GMAT Test Score (or equivalent) = 1000

If a provisionally admitted student completes two MBA courses within 16 weeks earning an A in each course, the criterion formula will be adjusted as follows:

  • (200 X GPA) + GMAT Test Score (or equivalent) = 925

International students may only begin the program in Fall 1 or Spring 1 terms due to international student course load requirements.

Provisional Admission

A student provisionally admitted may take up to six credit hours while completing requirements for full admission status. These requirements include:

  • GMAT or GRE test completion
  • Business preparatory course completion

Provisional admission is not available for international students.

Enrollment Deadlines

Full/provisional admission to the MBA program must be approved prior to enrollment in any graduate-level course. Applicants must meet the standards for provisional or full admission to be allowed to enroll.

Term Deadline
Fall 1  July 15
Fall 2 September 15
Spring 1 December 1
Spring 2 February 15
Summer May 1