Level up at RSU. Hillcat flying a drone.

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Level up with a degree in esports or unmanned aircraft systems.

Considering a future in gaming or commercial drone work? Take the first step toward a world of exciting possibilities with Rogers State University’s cutting-edge programs in these fast-growing fields.

Conquer the virtual arena with our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Esports Option or soar to new heights with our Bachelor of Technology in Applied Technology – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Option.

Whichever degree you choose, you’ll gain sought-after expertise to pursue a wide range of rewarding careers.

B.S. in Information Technology – Esports Option

Our information technology bachelor’s degree in esports is your gateway to the dynamic landscape of competitive esports gaming. Choose from specialized tracks in technology or management to prepare for diverse opportunities such as gamer, team manager, writer, event planner, and more.

Esports is the fastest-growing niche in the gaming industry, with revenue projected to reach nearly $12 billion by 2030. Whether you’re passionate about creating cutting-edge esports gaming platforms or leading successful teams, our comprehensive esports degree gives you the tools to excel in this booming field.

As an esports major, you’ll explore the multifaceted aspects of esports gaming, including business models, marketing strategies, the cultural impact of games, the psychology of esports gaming, and more. You’ll also develop strong communication and business acumen, further expanding your career potential.

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Get in the Game with RSU’s Esports Team

In 2018, Rogers State became the first university in Oklahoma to offer esports gaming as a school activity. Our varsity esports teams compete in popular titles, including League of Legends, Madden, Overwatch 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Smash Ultimate, and Valorant.

RSU hosts local and regional tournaments that are broadcast live on the big screens in our esports arena. The esports team is open to all RSU students and features:

  • Seven competitive esports teams
  • Casual gaming opportunities
  • Student scholarships
  • 24/7 esports arena access
  • 18 esports gaming stations

Learn more about the RSU Esports team.

B.T. in Applied Technology – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Option

RSU’s undergraduate applied technology degree in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) equips you with essential technological skills for mastering drone building, design, and piloting. Our UAS degree also provides the necessary training to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s exam to become a licensed drone pilot.

Our unmanned aircraft systems degree is also an integral part of the FAA’s UAS Collegiate Training Initiative, recognizing institutions that prepare students for careers in drone technology. The FAA projects significant growth in the small model unmanned aircraft systems market in the coming years, further boosting opportunities for our UAS degree graduates.

As an unmanned aircraft systems major, you’ll enhance your practical skills and experience through our UAS makerspace and flight obstacle course. Our unmanned aircraft systems degree also prepares you to start and manage your own UAS services business.

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Help Young Drone Pilots Take Flight at the AeroGames

RSU’s unmanned aircraft systems degree option is complemented by our annual AeroGames competition. This drone building and piloting contest is open to junior high and high school students from across northeast Oklahoma.

Hosted by RSU, sponsored by MidAmerica Industrial Park, and powered by Google, the event provides an exciting platform for young aviation enthusiasts.

RSU’s AeroCats STEM Training Team, comprised of capstone students in our UAS degree program, provides mentorship and technical support for drone pilots and builders throughout the competition.

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