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If you have experienced gender-based misconduct, you are likely to have many concerns, including about your health and safety, mental and emotional well-being, medical concerns, and questions about disciplinary and legal options available to you.

As you think about how you want to move forward, it is most important to do what is right for you. Friends, family, and others may have strong feelings about what you should do. But every person has the right to make the right decision for him or herself. The information below and elsewhere on RSU’s website can help you determine what is right for you.

Immediate Actions to Consider

Students who experience an incident of gender-base misconduct should consider the following immediate actions.

Contact Law Enforcement

  • Claremore Campus:
    • Campus Police: 918-343-7624
    • Local Law Enforcement: 918-341-1212
  • Bartlesville Campus:
    • Campus Police: 918-338-8020 or 918-440-9479
    • Local Law Enforcement: 918-338-4282
  • Pryor Campus:
    • Campus Police: 918-825-6034 or 918-373-0357
    • Local Law Enforcement: 918-825-1212

Seek Medical Attention

  • Claremore Campus:
    • Hillcrest Hospital: 918-341-2556
    • Domestic Violence Intervention Services: 918-GET-HELP
  • Bartlesville Campus:
    • Jane Phillips Medical Center: 918-333-7200
    • Family Crisis Counseling Center: 918-336-1188
  • Pryor Campus:
    • Integris Mayes County Medical Center: 918-825-1660
    • Domestic Violence Intervention Services: 918-GET-HELP

Contact a Trained, Experience Counselor

Contact Personal Relationships for Support

  • Parents
  • Relatives
  • Close Friends