white building with gold dome

Tradition. Innovation. Excellence.

Dr. Larry RiceYou’ll find these three words on the official Rogers State University seal, but you’ll also find their significance interwoven throughout the RSU experience.

The university’s dedication to these ideals is a primary reason that RSU is Oklahoma’s fastest growing university.

A university education is more than just the facts, figures, and formulas a student might need in their professional career.

A true education begins in the classroom but extends far beyond those walls. In fact, the friendships and associations you develop during your collegiate career will likely be some of the strongest ties you will ever build.

Here at RSU, you’ll find a university large enough to provide a traditional college experience. But you’ll also find a close-knit campus community that will help you build memories, succeed in college, and reach your career and life goals.

RSU is focused on academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, convenient classes, support for all students, a thriving student life, and a wide variety of academic programs to suit almost any interest.

I’d like to invite you to join the RSU experience. Contact a recruiter or take a personal tour of our growing campus.

I hope to see you soon at RSU!

Dr. Larry Rice, RSU President