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Videos, brochures, and information sheets are available in the counseling office for a wide range of mental health topics. Learn more about coping and maintaining a positive, healthy mental outlook.

GLBTQ: Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Questioning Students

College is a time when some students question their sexuality and look for resources that will support them. The following are some recommended websites if you would like to information and/or support. These resources are generalized so if you would like to speak to the counselor after looking at the materials, please call 918-343-7845.

Awesome Apps

  • Live Happy, iCounselor, Personality Types, Optimism (free), & Happify (free)

Library Materials on Mental Health Related Topics

RSU’s Stratton Taylor Library has secured several resources on mental health that are recommended by members of the American College Counseling Association. These materials are available for check out by any RSU student, faculty or staff member.

Title Author Call Number
Conquering the Beast Within: How I Fought Depression and Won Cait Irwin RC 537 .I77 1998
Codependent No More Melody Beattie RC 569.5 .C63 B43 1987b
Motherless Daughters Hope Edelman BF 575 .D35 E34 1994
The Feeling Good Handbook David Burns RC 489 .C63 B87 1999
Reinventing Your Life Jeffrey E. Young & Janet Klosko RC 455.4 .S43 Y68 1993
When do the good things start? Abraham Twerski BF 637 .S4 T85 1995
I didn’t ask to be in this family Abraham Twerski BF 723 .S43 T94 1992
No More Test Anxiety Ed Newman LB 3060.57 .N48 1996
Adult Children of Alcoholics Janet Woititz HV 5132 .W62 1983B
Good Grief Granger Westburg BV 4905.2 .W45 2005
Two Happy Homes Shirley Thomas HQ 759.92 .T57 2005
Adult Children of Divorce Jeffrey Zimmerman HQ 777.5 .Z46 2003.
Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking back your life when someone you love has borderline personality disorder Mason & Kreger RC 569.5 .B67 M365 1998
The 5 Love Languages Gary Chapman HQ 734 .C466 1995
The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival and Success Al Siebert & Bernadine Gilpin Requested 10-20-09
The Mountain is High-Unless you take the elevator: Success Strategies for Adult Learners Laurence Smith & Timothy Walter LC 5225 .M47 S65 1991.
Ambiguous Loss: Learning to Live with Unresolved Grief Pauline Boss BF 575 .D35 B67 1999
I wasn’t ready to say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping, and healing after the sudden death of a loved one Brook Noel BF 575 .G7 N653 2008
Facing Codependence Pia Mellody RC 569.5 .C63 M45 2003
After the Affair: How Can I forgive you? The Courage to forgive, the freedom not to Janis Spring HQ 806 .S67 1996

*Minds on Campus: Using interviews with a mother whose son committed suicide while at school, a college dean, a lawyer, two suicide prevention advocates and a psychiatrist, who until recently headed up the counseling center of a major Northeastern University, Minds on Campus explores the issues of increasing numbers of students with mental illness, the importance of confidentiality and knowing when to take action that universities nationwide are grappling with.