Dr. Michelle Taylor, Ed.D., LPC, Founder and Researcher

Dr. Michelle Taylor

Ed.D. in Occupational and Adult Education
Oklahoma State University

M.H.R. Licensed Professional Counselor Track
University of Oklahoma

B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Dr. Michelle Taylor is the Director of the Master of Science in Community Counseling program at Rogers State University. Courses taught include ethical standards, life and developmental stages, group dynamics and practicum. Dr. Taylor manages the student practicum sites, agreements and objectives for graduate students enrolled in the Master of Community Counseling Program.

In 2017, Michelle was named Oklahoma School Counselor of the Year and was honored in a ceremony at the Obama White House in Washington D.C.. She has conducted research in Health Care Education studying graduate students stress and learning strategy preferences.  Michelle also served on a writing team that established the Oklahoma Comprehensive School Counseling Framework published by the Oklahoma State Department of Education in 2021. She continues to serve at the state and national level for school counseling advocacy and professional development. She holds multiple certifications such as CTP (Clinical Trauma Professional certification), LPC supervision and serves as a community-based mediator. Her field of expertise is in ethical standards and adolescent trauma.

Dr. Mary Millikin, Advisor

Dr. Mary MillikinPh.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
The University of Tulsa

M.B.A. with emphasis in Management
The University of Tulsa

B.S. in Engineering Physics
Missouri State University

Dr. Millikin is the current Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, OAA, at Rogers State University. She has been an advisor to our center since its beginnings. For our university, she is responsible for coordinating university-wide efforts towards institutional accountability and effectiveness and supporting operations within Academic Affairs. Primary duties include: overseeing academic program review; serving as ex-officio for the University Assessment Committee and General Education Committee; developing and monitoring academic plans; supporting the planning, implementation, and review of the university strategic planning process; directing the collection, analysis, and communication of university data; managing federal, state, and internal institutional reporting; supervising department staff; and coordinating university-wide Higher Learning Commission accreditation activities, including serving as the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO).