students walking by dorms

Slips, Trips And Falls: Spilled liquids and wet floors are one of the major causes of slips, trips and falls. If you spill something, please clean it up immediately. If you discover a spill or wet floor and need assistance, please contact the Physical Plant at the appropriate number(s). Report all other trip and fall hazards (malfunctioning elevators, holes in the sidewalk, loose carpet, etc.) to Physical Plant immediately. Responding to injuries to students, visitors or employees: If a situation appears to be a medical emergency call 911 then contact RSU Police at 343-7624 to get help immediately, and take the following actions:

  1. Immediately report the incident to appropriate RSU faculty or staff on site.
  2. The RSU employee reporting the incident – NOT the injured visitor – must fill out the Standard Liability Incident Report and Scope of Employment forms. Read the instructions before completing these forms.
  3. Send the original completed forms to the Human Resources Office.
  4. Do not take documents, estimates, or other paperwork from the claimant. The claimant must contact the State of Oklahoma Risk Management Division in Oklahoma City at 405-521-4999.
  5. Do Not suggest, recommend, or insist that the claimant go to a doctor, call an ambulance, or suggest that the State will pay for it.
  6. The reporting forms and detailed instructions are available in the Human Resources Office.
  7. If you have any questions about reporting an accident or injury involving a visitor or student, call 918-343-7728 or 918-343-7796.

Employees: In the event of an accident involving injury or illness occurring on-the-job by any RSU employee, the following procedures must be followed.

  1. If life threatening call 911 and seek emergency medical treatment.
  2. Employees must notify their immediate supervisor as quickly as possible of any on-the-job injury or illness. If not an emergency, the supervisor should be notified BEFORE the employee seeks medical treatment.
  3. Employees should obtain a “Workers’ Compensation Referral” form from their supervisor before seeking medical treatment, if possible.
  4. The supervisor is responsible for recording and investigating the details of the incident.
  5. Forms and instruction for completing the paperwork can be obtained from the Human Resources Office.