1098-T Tax Credits

1098-T Information will be mailed on January 31. Students may opt-in for Electronic Delivery BEFORE January 31 in lieu of having a copy mailed. Once you opt-in and download your 1098-T, you are opted in for all future years as well – no 1098-T will be mailed to you. You will use the same ID and password each time.

1098-T Electronic Delivery Instructions

  • Log into www.1098Tforms.com to opt-in for electronic delivery of your 1098-T form for the tax year.
  • Opt-in Instructions for Enrollment and Download Information (pdf) (Document lists each step with sample screenshots)
  • If a student experiences consistent errors, or cannot complete the opt-in process, the student should:
    1. Close the browser and clear the Cache on their device. Restarting the device is preferred.
    2. Start the OPT-IN Process again, starting at the “TO STUDENT ENROLLMENT PAGE” link, and use a different Username than the first Username.

The information provided here is NOT tax advice. It is offered only as general information for RSU students and their families. Please consult a qualified tax expert for advice on computing, claiming, or determining qualification for any tax benefit.