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Psychology and Sociology Minors

A minor requires completion of at least 18-24 designated credit hours of coursework outside the student’s major field, including a minimum of 9 upper-division credit hours, and may have a required core. The same courses may not be used to fulfill the requirements for both a major and a minor. To complete a minor, a student is required to earn six 3000-4000 level credit hours in that minor at RSU.


❖ Degree offered online.

Drue Day, B.S. Social Science: Psychology

“As students we conduct our own research and can present it at national conferences, which is a huge opportunity. Whenever I need help, want to talk about a theory or principle, or just need to talk, my professors are always there. They have gone above and beyond to assist not only in my success as a student, but also in my overall development as an individual. They’re really my greatest allies and biggest support for succeeding. At RSU, I feel like I’ve found a program that I am comfortable with and excel at.”

Drue Day