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Through an innovative partnership with Saint Francis Health System, Rogers State University’s nursing program has expanded the number of students admitted each semester.

At the time of admission, students may indicate a campus preference:

  • Claremore campus
  • Saint Francis extended campus located at 6161 S. Yale in Tulsa
  • or no preference

All accepted students will attend their first competitive semester of the nursing program at RSU’s Claremore campus regardless of campus preference.

If the student is seated at the Saint Francis campus, the second, third and fourth semesters will be delivered at the Saint Francis extended campus.

Every student applying to the program will be ranked using the same criteria regardless of campus preference. Once the total number of qualified students are selected that achieve the total program capacity, students will be seated at their campus selection, based upon availability. 

The student’s first preference for campus site may not be available and is not guaranteed; however, every accepted student will be guaranteed a seat at one of the campuses. Students will be seated by ranking at each site. Once students are assigned to a campus site, all semesters throughout the program are completed at that site.

The Student Experience at Saint Francis Extended Campus

Beginning their second semester at the SFH extended campus, students will attend all clinical rotations at a Saint Francis Health System facility. Lab and simulation facilities will be located and utilized at Saint Francis extended campus as well. Classroom content will be delivered via videoconferencing software from Claremore campus to Saint Francis classrooms. An in-classroom nursing instructor will be in every class session at Saint Francis to facilitate technology and student learning.


Q. Will students who attend RSU’s nursing program at the Saint Francis campus earn the same degree as those attending at Claremore campus?
A. Yes, the same curriculum and same degree is earned. The RSU nursing program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and prepares them to sit for the NCLEX-RN national licensure examination. 

Q. Where are classes and lectures held?
A. Students who are seated at the Saint Francis extended campus will start to attend all didactic (classroom lectures), labs and clinicals at Saint Francis starting their second semester of the program. Lecture content will be delivered from the Claremore campus to the Saint Francis campus using videoconferencing technology. Saint Francis has dedicated classrooms and qualified instructors for RSU students. 

Q. How do I take RSU BSN Classes at Saint Francis in Tulsa?
A. At the time of application to the nursing program, students may choose a campus preference. Students will be ranked overall into the program, then preferred campus seats will be designated up to the capacity of each campus site.

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