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Co-Curricular Assessment

It is widely acknowledged by numerous scholarly associations within higher education that student learning and development occur both inside and outside of the classroom. Inside the classroom, assessment of student learning occurs through a carefully monitored process.

The Division of Student Affairs implements an annual assessment cycle to measure student engagement in co-curricular activities and certain campus resources, and to understand how students are learning and developing through their experiences. Students and organization leaders evaluate how well they have experienced specific co-curricular (COCU) activities in meeting COCU student learning outcomes, which are aligned with RSU’s general education student learning outcomes. Data collected are used to:

  • Improve university programs and services
  • Guide future program development
  • Support student retention initiatives
  • Meet accreditation requirements
  • Identify areas of strength for institutional marketing and promotion

Additionally, organizations, clubs, and entities outside of Student Affairs are engaged in co-curricular activities. These planned activities are and should be assessed for relevance and effectiveness in offering teachable moments and opportunities leading to co-curricular enhancements. Examples include RSU Athletics, the Honors Program, President’s Leadership Class (PLC), and others.

Results of annual COCU assessment and ultimate enhancements to co-curricular activities can be requested from the Student Activities Coordinator or the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

COCU Assessment Plan:

COCU Rationale:

COCU Findings: