Rogers State University is committed to helping student succeed both at the university and in their communities. Throughout the Student Resources section, you will find programs and services that will help you get the most from your Hillcat experience. Additionally, we offer programs that create student engagement with the community and personal improvement.

Financial Literacy

Rogers State University strives to educate students in every area of life. Healthy finances are an important aspect of current and future success so it is vital to monitor and maintain a positive financial lifestyle. Through budgeting tools and financial tips, students can set goals and prepare for life after college. Oklahoma Money Matters provides assistance in maintaining healthy finances or help students find solutions to debt and other financial troubles.

Voter Registration

Each year, the Office of Student Affairs hosts a week of activities for Constitution Day which includes a voter registration drive, passing out pocket-sized constitutions, an Annual Voter Registration Letter sent to students, and a free-speech area. In addition to events targeted towards students, RSU presents the Constitution Award to a distinguished Oklahoman each year.