Be on the forefront of cutting-edge computer and information technology research with an applied technology degree from Rogers State University.

Are you passionate about technology like drones? Do you want a career using computers to protect national security? Earning a Bachelor of Technology in Applied Technology from Rogers State University will set you on a path to exciting jobs in cybersecurity, information technology, and national defense.

RSU’s undergraduate applied technology degree gives you real-world experience and expertise that will set you apart from other job and graduate program candidates from across the country. With the dedicated support of our highly accomplished faculty, you’ll take engaging applied technology classes that will spark your creativity and inspire you to push the field of applied technology further every day.

When you earn your undergraduate applied technology degree at RSU, you can enjoy the freedom of flexible course delivery through online programs. Both our applied technology and cybersecurity and information assurance emphasis options are available in person or online. This means that you can earn a respected B.T. in Applied Technology no matter where you live or how hectic your personal and professional schedules may be.

Bachelor’s in Applied Technology Degree Requirements

Your applied technology classes will cover a broad range of topics, including microcomputing, leadership and decision-making, and law. Once you complete your core applied technology classes, you’ll immerse yourself in an emphasis:

  • Applied Technology Option❖:
    Our applied technology option is designed for students who have an Associate in Applied Science degree or equivalent military experience and need additional education to advance their careers. View the roadmap for the applied technology option.
    Degree Requirements  Roadmap
  • Cybersecurity & Information Assurance Option❖:
    The applied technology classes in this option are based on the Department of Homeland Security’s IT Security Essential Body of Knowledge. This means that your applied technology degree meets the highest standards for excellence in cybersecurity and applied technology education.
    Learn more about the Cybersecurity Option »
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Option:
    The applied technology: unmanned aircraft systems option provides you with the technological skills to design, 3D print, and fly an unmanned aircraft system. You’ll also receive the required training to take the FAA Part 107 Pilot’s License Exam.
    Degree Requirements  Roadmap 
  • National Security for Information Technology Option:
    Prepare for a career in IT and national security with this degree option. Thanks to our five-year Education Partnership Agreement with the National Security Agency (NSA), RSU’s applied technology degree meets the agency’s growing needs. We’re proud to be one of only 33 schools in the nation to have such an agreement.
    Degree Requirements  Roadmap 

❖ Degree offered online.

Bachelor of Technology in Applied Technology Features

There are so many features that help RSU’s applied technology program stand out from others around the nation. From the diversity of concentrations available to our excellent faculty and close-knit community of applied technology majors, RSU provides an exceptional educational experience.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you study applied technology at RSU:

  • Experience with professional tools. What is applied technology without the latest technology? At RSU, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, software, and equipment. Whether you’re 3D-printing a drone or encrypting data, you’ll work with the same tools used by professionals every day.
  • Four unique specializations in applied technology. The professional field of applied technology is vast and offers many career paths. That’s why we offer four concentrations in our applied technology degree to help you become a specialist in the area that interests you most.
  • Industry-connected faculty. Thanks to RSU’s small applied technology classes, you’ll have many chances to work closely with published faculty who bring their years of research and professional experience into the classroom. They’ll prepare you for the reality of working with computers and technology in the twenty-first century.

Why Choose RSU for Your Bachelor’s in Applied Technology Degree?

You might be asking, “What is applied technology at RSU and what makes it different from other programs?” Well, applied technology at RSU is about preparing students for the future of computing, cybersecurity, and information security. It’s about experiential learning that puts you in control of your education. And it’s about strengthening community—both on and off campus. Here are just a few things that make RSU great:

  • Internships and mentorships. Thanks to our agreement with the NSA, applied technology majors can take advantage of valuable internship and mentorship opportunities with professional NSA analysts, gaining practical experience while making lasting connections and building a robust resume.
  • Flexible course delivery. Whether you’re a working professional looking for career advancement or you live outside the region but still want to earn one of the best applied technology degrees in the nation, our online degree options ensure that you can earn your bachelor’s in applied technology degree without sacrificing your own schedule.
  • Active community. As an applied technology major at RSU, you’ll join a thriving family of peers and alumni dedicated to technology and helping each other become truly great. Students interested in drones can participate in our AeroGames Competition, mentoring junior high and high school students as they compete in building and piloting drones.

What Our Alumni Have to Say About RSU’s Applied Technology Program

“As a cybersecurity major, I know I have hands on experience with some of the most used cyber-programs in the career field, knowledge backed by educators with real-world experience in their fields of study and have established strong connections with fellow graduates. The future of this degree program is a bright one, with even more things in store for prospective students.”  – Amanda Forsyth, 2022, B.T. Applied Technology: Cybersecurity. 

What Can You Do With an Applied Technology Degree?

If you’re like many students considering this program, you might be asking, “What is applied technology job growth like, and what kinds of careers can I find?” RSU’s applied technology degree prepares students for careers in settings as diverse as government, nonprofit organizations, private corporations, and security firms. Applied technology students who choose the unmanned aircraft systems emphasis can also enter film and television production—build a career traveling the world to capture breathtaking footage.

Jobs for information security analysts are expected to grow by 35% by 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s more than triple the national average for all other occupations, and it means that with an applied technology degree you’ll be well-prepared for some of the fastest-growing career positions in the country, including:

  • Network administrator
  • IT operations specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Technology consultant
  • Software engineer
  • Drone operator

Financial Aid for the Bachelor’s in Applied Technology Degree

Dedicating yourself to protecting individuals, companies, and even the nation through cybersecurity and national defense is a major investment in your future and the future of your community. That’s why RSU is committed to investing in you through generous financial aid and scholarships.

Learn more about financial aid resources and fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see how you can earn your applied technology degree while saving money.

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Lead the Future of Computing and Technology with RSU’s Applied Technology Degree

Are you ready to earn your bachelor’s in applied technology degree and start an impactful career protecting others through sophisticated research and innovation? Still wondering, “What is applied technology at RSU?” Request information, visit campus, and apply today to learn more and begin your RSU journey.

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R. Curtis Sparling, Assistant Professor

“Computer and information technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the nation. The Department of Labor anticipates nearly half a million new jobs by 2024, which is faster than the average for all other occupations, and we are uniquely qualified to prepare students to work within this field. All of our faculty have prior experience in the subject they’re teaching and remain current with emerging technologies. As many of our students work full-time, they appreciate the flexibility our technology classes offer both on campus and online. At RSU, we truly value real-world experience and practical application of this growing field of study.

Robert Curtis Sparling