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    RSU’s President’s Leadership Class Hosts BancFirst President

There’s more to college than classrooms and homework.

It’s often those times you share outside of the classroom that provide you with some of the greatest lessons you’ll learn during your time at Rogers State University, such as:

Be sure to get the most of it! 

Campus life connects students with the means to experience the fullness of the RSU experience. No matter your situation, RSU has the resources to help you maximize your college experience.

Hope Chitwood ’11, B.S. in Business Administration: Management

“I would like to pursue a master’s degree in business administration and feel that RSU has prepared me well for graduate level courses. I am so thankful I participated in campus activities – I was RSU’s first ever homecoming queen! I was in Alpha Sigma Alpha and Honors Program; volunteered at a local elementary school and worked in Health Sciences. I don’t take it for granted that RSU provided me with the opportunity to get involved and grow with the campus and community. I’m thankful for my experience and I would do it all over again.”

Hope Chitwood