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Many college students ask this same question. Greek life offers the opportunity to come in contact with new people who share similar interests and values and who will become your friend for life. Fraternities and sororities bring out the best in their members through strong friendships and common goals.

Greek organizations have an impact on their member’s lives in many ways, offering them learning and life experiences through community service, friendship, leadership, recruitment, scholarship, and social activities.

Community Service

Each Greek organization at RSU actively supports a national philanthropy and participates in several community service projects. The projects are one of the most rewarding aspects of being a member of a Greek organization. The philanthropies are service projects that provide sorority and fraternity members with the opportunity to help others who are less fortunate than them. Working together on these projects benefit all those involved and fosters a greater unity among chapter members.


Greek life is a time when friendships are cemented and closed ties are woven between members through living, studying, working, and competing together. These relationships go beyond ordinary friendship and become like those of a family…often lasting a lifetime. Participating in Greek life in college gives you a connection to other Greeks and often provides professional and personal networking opportunities.

Social Life

For many students, the Greek social life helps to make college a more fulfilling experience. The Greek social life includes sports intramurals, date functions, basketball games, and other organized social activities. Social activities are definitely one of the fun parts of being in a fraternity or sorority but remember there is a lot more that makes up a chapter than the social life.


You will learn important skills and get a chance to practice them as a chapter officer or committee member. Membership in a Greek organization provides an excellent place to gain experience and knowledge, which is necessary for successful leadership. As a student involved in Greek life at RSU you will have many opportunities. Through your involvement, you will find that many Greeks are the driving force in Student Government and also hold positions in honorary societies, campus organizations, and athletics. If you are the type of person who likes to make decisions and be part of the action, then becoming a member of a Greek organization is for you.


The primary reason for attending college is to receive a good education, and the Greek organizations at RSU have a strong tradition of high academic standards. Each chapter promotes education through its own scholarship programs and study hours. They devote many hours to helping their members achieve academic excellence. Not only is academics promoted at the university level, but also each national organization highly promotes scholarship.