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Be the voice of businesses and organizations. Master the latest advertising and marketing strategies.

Achieve more with strategic communication at Rogers State University.

Behind every successful business and non-profit organization is a team of experts skilled in communicating strategically and representing the ideals and goals of their company. When you earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in strategic communications at Rogers State University, you’ll be specially prepared for a broad variety of careers in public relations, media, sales, and advertising to help businesses big and small reach their customers and continue growing to serve more.

As a communication major at RSU, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and software in video production and broadcasting—so you can be confident you’re beginning your career with confidence and expertise. Enjoy experiential learning in courses taught by faculty who have years of experience in journalism, broadcasting, and public relations.

Focusing on a strategic communication degree option will make you a more competitive candidate on the job market, thanks to specialized training combined with the diverse topics covered in our communication major.

B.A. in Strategic Communications Degree Requirements

The courses you’ll take as a communication major focusing on strategic communication cover broad topics such as humanities, science and mathematics, global studies, and social sciences to help you develop as a well-rounded professional with a vast knowledge of key concepts in many fields. You’ll then build on to this solid liberal arts foundation with core classes in communication to learn about media theory, communication strategies, and research methods. Our classes are designed to answer that question, “what is strategic communication and what can I do with a degree in it?”
Degree Requirements 

As a strategic communication major, you’ll take courses that prepare you for careers in public relations, production, broadcasting, advertising, and many more career fields. Some of the most popular courses in our strategic communication degree option include:

  • Digital Foundations
  • Public Relations Strategies
  • Advanced Corporate Media
  • Advertising Strategies

Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications Program Features

If you’re like most students considering becoming a strategic communication major, you might be wondering, “What is strategic communication and why is RSU’s degree the best for me?” Simply put, strategic communication is the term used to describe the sophisticated techniques, principles, and theories used to represent and further an organization’s mission, values, and goals. Strategic communication majors at RSU pull from multiple disciplines—including psychology, sociology, history, media production, and law—to develop the skills and knowledge to succeed a broad range of industries and fields.

As a communication major at RSU, you’ll benefit from:

  • Leadership training. The classes at the core of our strategic communication degree option integrate team-based research projects based on realistic organizational needs—giving you experience working with and leading others to achieve strategic communication goals.
  • Exceptional career preparation. Strategic communication majors at RSU learn not only hard skills in media production and public relations, but also critical thinking and communication skills—translating to a broad skill set that can help you stand out in nearly every major industry.
  • An engaged community. Earning your strategic communication degree at RSU will introduce you to a thriving family of strategic communication majors who are invested in helping each other succeed both academically and professionally. Join our Student Broadcasting Association to make connections and enhance your communication skills.

Why Choose RSU for Your Strategic Communication Degree?

There are so many features of our strategic communication degree option that help set us apart from other communication programs throughout the country, including:

  • Individualized attention. Thanks to our small classes and our distinguished faculty mentors, as a strategic communication major you’ll receive dedicated academic support to help you succeed—from orientation day to well after graduation.
  • Real work experience. As a communication major at RSU, you’ll participate in an internship program that will help you make vital professional connections while gaining real-world training and building an impressive resume.
  • Theatre experience. There’s no better way to improve your communication and collaboration skills than the theater. RSU’s Theatre program gives communication majors like you the opportunity to find their voice, make friends, and have fun—all while mastering key skills for professional success.

What Can You Do With a Strategic Communication Degree?

You might be asking, “What is strategic communication and where can a degree in it take me?” Strategic communication professionals help companies develop and promote their brand. They help emergency services determine the best way to get critical information to the public. And they become the voice of businesses and organizations.

Strategic communication majors are in high demand throughout every field, thanks to their training in communicating effectively, leading others, and working as a team member to achieve large, complex goals.

Our strategic communication degree graduates go on to many exciting career fields—including print and broadcast media, marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, management, and electronic media.

The training you receive in strategic communication at RSU will prepare you for various positions, including:

  • Communication consultant
  • Community relations director
  • Human resources manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Media sales
  • Public relations officer

Financial Aid for the B.A. in Communications: Strategic Communication Degree Option

Becoming a strategic communication major at RSU and dedicating your career to being the voice of an organization is a huge investment in your future. That’s why we invest in you and your professional success with generous financial aid and scholarships to empower you and keep you focused on what really matters as you earn your strategic communication degree.

Programs Related to the Strategic Communication Degree Option

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Earn a Strategic Communication Degree and Start an Exciting Career in Communications

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