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Student Learning Outcomes

M.B.A. in Business Administration

Business Department Mission: The mission of the Department of Business is to provide quality programs to support the School of Professional Studies’ mission to prepare students to achieve professional and personal goals in the dynamic local and global communities.

Degree Program Mission: The MBA is designed to assist students to meet their primary professional and personal goals, including graduating with sufficient competitive skills and knowledge to obtain meaningful employment and facilitate reasonable career advancement in all areas of business.

  1. The student will develop an integrative understanding of the key functions of business administration including management, marketing, accounting, and finance.
  2. Analyze the internal and external (local, regional, national, and global) business environments and demonstrate an understanding of ethical, legal, and social issues impacting the operations of the modern business entity.
  3. Understand the skills and behaviors necessary to perform as an effective team member, and demonstrate the ability to use those skills to share and implement team leadership.
  4. Demonstrate acceptance and understanding of the importance of diversity of members of the university, of local and world communities, and in business operations.