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Defend the Rights of All. Protect Society. Serve in Culturally Diverse Communities.

It’s All Possible With a Degree in Criminal Justice from RSU.

Our modern society relies on a fair criminal justice system to protect citizens and safeguard the constitutional rights of every person. From peace officers and correctional officers to prosecutors and public defenders, there’s always a high demand for dedicated criminal justice professionals around the country. You’ll be prepared for this diverse range of jobs with an associate degree in criminal justice from Rogers State University.

RSU’s associate degree in criminal justice will give you the research and hands-on experience to make a meaningful impact on the criminal justice system within your community. Carve your own path toward the career of your dreams in the criminal justice system with one of our two criminal justice degree concentrations, Law/Justice and the Collegiate Officer Program. Learn from seasoned professionals with years of experience in prosecution, law enforcement, corrections, social services, and the forensic sciences.

Criminal Justice Degree Requirements

The courses in our associate degree in criminal justice program will introduce you to fundamental skills and knowledge within the criminal justice system, including criminal law, community relations, and criminal procedures. As a Criminal Justice major at RSU, you’ll choose from the following degree paths to tailor your education to your professional goals:

  • Law/Justice Option:
    Our Law/Justice option was created for Criminal Justice majors who want to build a strong foundation in a major field of the criminal justice system, such as law enforcement, prosecution, or corrections. Give yourself the best foundation for future education or jobs with an associate degree in criminal justice with a concentration on justice and law.
    Degree Requirements
  • Collegiate Officer Program (COP) Option:
    Through a combination of criminal justice courses and police skills training, you’ll be ready to become a certified peace officer after graduation. COP is certified by CLEET — the agency designated by Oklahoma law to administer all aspects of peace officer certification, including regulations for law enforcement training. This means that your degree in criminal justice will be recognized across the state for meeting the highest standards of excellence and preparation.
    Degree Requirements

Associates Degree in Criminal Justice Program Features

Earning a degree in criminal justice from RSU means studying the criminal justice system from multiple angles — both theoretical and practical. We offer two unique options for criminal justice majors to tailor their academic experience to their career goals and interests. Both concentrations include experiential learning to help you apply theories and methods to the real world around you:

  • Design your degree in criminal justice. Choose from either our Law/Justice option or our Collegiate Officer Program, certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), and prepare for an exciting career doing what you love.
  • Enjoy professional experiential learning. Whichever concentration you choose, you’ll engage in research, projects, and field experiences that will prepare you to continue your education or find a meaningful career. Be ready to excel in many types of jobs with an associate degree in criminal justice from RSU.
  • Join an engaged community. As a Criminal Justice major at RSU, you’ll be a member of a close-knit community of peers and faculty as dedicated to contributing to the criminal justice system as you are. Join our Criminal Justice Society and make lasting personal and professional connections while you grow.

Why Choose RSU for your Associate Degree in Criminal Justice?

RSU stands out from other Criminal Justice programs around the region thanks to our experienced faculty and commitment to real-world experience:

  • Faculty mentors who know you by name. At RSU, you’ll have all the benefits of a large university while still receiving individual academic attention from your professors. Faculty bring their years of experience in criminal justice and law enforcement into the classroom to help you prepare for the daily challenges of the twenty-first-century criminal justice system.
  • Learn by doing. Whether it’s researching legal precedents, collaborating with fellow Criminal Justice majors, or practicing the skills every peace officer needs on the job, you’ll always be actively learning as a Criminal Justice major at RSU.

What Our Alumni Have to Say About RSU’s Degree in Criminal Justice

“Rogers State University has been instrumental in my success as a law enforcement officer, administrator, and a community servant. I was provided educational opportunities in Native American Law, Constitutional Law, as well as many others. Two years after taking Native American Law Oklahoma witnessed the most influential case rulings from the Supreme Court in decades. This course allowed me to be better prepared to respond to the many challenges that came with the McGirt ruling. Having been born and raised in Claremore and Rogers County I was blessed to receive an amazing education at Rogers State University. I was able to receive CLEET certification while obtaining college credits. After a few years I decided to return to obtain my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.” – Jonathon Sappington – Undersheriff for Rogers County, ’22 (BSJA)

What Can You Do With an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice?

You’ll be prepared for so many exciting and fast-growing jobs with an associate degree in criminal justice from RSU. The criminal justice system is vast and offers diverse opportunities to serve your community the best way you can. Some of the jobs you’ll have a foundation to pursue with a degree in criminal justice from RSU include:

  • Police officer
  • Sheriff
  • Correctional officer
  • Social worker
  • Prosecutor
  • Public defender
  • Policy analyst
  • Educator
  • Forensic scientist

Financial Aid for the Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

RSU doesn’t just offer one of the most respected Criminal Justice programs in the state, but also one of the most affordable and accessible for every student. We offer the student resources that will help you succeed both academically and professionally as a Hillcat. We also offer generous financial aid to help you avoid burdensome student debt.

For more information about earning your degree in criminal justice at RSU, view cost of attendance and all scholarship opportunities.

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Become a Hillcat and Prepare to Serve Your Community

Gain the expertise to continue your educational journey or find impactful jobs with an associate degree in criminal justice from Rogers State University. Request information and visit campus to learn how RSU can help you grow and develop into a professional in the criminal justice system. Apply today and start your Hillcat journey!