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A minor requires completion of at least 1824 designated credit hours of coursework outside the student’s major field, including a minimum of 9 upperdivision credit hours, and may have a required core. The same courses may not be used to fulfill the requirements for both a major and a minor. To complete a minor, a student is required to earn six 30004000 level credit hours in that minor at RSU.


Travis Clark, B.A. Public Affairs

Associate Attorney for Fredericks Peebles & Morgan
“Rogers State University offers a superb education. Before enrolling in the Political Science Program at RSU my critical thinking and writing skills were mediocre at best. After four years of first-rate academic instruction the world opened up to me in previously unimaginable ways. I was awarded a full tuition scholarship to a highly regarded law school; I was awarded a prestigious Fellowship in Washington D.C. working as a student-attorney for the Department of the Interior; I was selected by the Native American Rights Fund for a highly sought after internship; and I am now an associate attorney representing Indian tribes on matters such as the Keystone XL Pipeline. Simply put, I owe a great deal, if not all, of my subsequent academic and professional success to RSU and its incredible faculty.”

Travis Clark