Rogers State University values the pursuit of external grant opportunities and as such would like to provide a comprehensive policy framework that guides the development, submission, and implementation of external grant projects.

Submission of External Grants

Please note the following regarding the submission of external grants. No external grants should be submitted from the campus prior to “sign-off” from the following offices.

Step 1:
The External Grant Routing Sheet (pdf) must be reviewed and signed by the faculty member’s dean to get approval for any release time, unit resources, etc.

Step 2:
Receipt of DUNS number; review on guidelines, format and setup of accounts, etc. Consult with Chief Technology Officer concerning technology needs if appropriate. Consult with appropriate committees on compliance issues as necessary, i.e. Recombinant DNA & Biohazard Safety, Human Subjects research, or Animal research.

Step 3:
Office of Business Affairs review of indirect cost %, budget and/or match amounts.

Step 4:
Office of Academic Affairs review of grant in totality to the institution, allocation of institutional resources, facilities, time and/or dollars.

Step 5:
Institutional approval signature by the President or authorized representative must be obtained before the proposal can be submitted on behalf of the university.


The following resources are provided to assist you with your grants.

Oklahoma Grant Resources:

Federal Resource Links: