“The esports program has allowed me to level up. Many times gamers have friends out of state or out of the country. RSU esports has given me the opportunity to develop a community of local friends with common interests.”  – Miahra Treleaven, B.S. Business Technology ’21

Rack Up XP While Earning a Degree

If you’re considering a future in gaming, Rogers State University has the right college experience for you.

In 2018, RSU became the first university in Oklahoma to offer esports as an official university activity. RSU host local and regional tournaments that are broadcast live on the big screens. RSU esports is open to all students enrolled at RSU.

RSU Esports Competitive Teams:
Esports Competitive Teams
Esports Competitive Teams

RSU Currently Offers

  • Competitive & Casual Gaming
  • Student Scholarships
  • 24/7 Esports Arena Access
  • 18 Gaming Stations
  • 4 Competitive Teams


  • Esports Students

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