The International Admissions Application fee is $20.00. International students on a non-immigrant visa (F, M, J, L, A, etc.) are considered to be “non-resident” for tuition purposes. The following costs are estimated expenses for an academic year (9 months).  Costs are subject to change without notice. Students are responsible for fees associated with WES credential review of transcripts. Students are responsible for SEVIS fees. The minimum Financial Guarantee Statement amount is $25,000.

Item Estimated Cost
Tuition & Fees $13,630
Books & Living Expenses $9,950
Health Insurance $1,275
Total Estimated Costs for 1 Year $24,855

*Estimate based on 2015-16 academic year costs and student enrollment in 15 credit hours/semester, living in on-campus residence facility and meal plan. It does not include transportation costs. It does not include personal expenses; shopping, dining at restaurants, or entertainment. This is an estimate only, actual student expenses may vary.

Cost Comparison

College Name Estimated Cost Savings in 1
Year at RSU
Savings in 2
Years at RSU
Rogers State University $24,855 N/A N/A
University of Oklahoma $35,689 $10,834 $21,668
Oklahoma State University $31,860 $7,005 $14,010
University of Tulsa (private) $55,212 $30,357 $60,714