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Why Choose Business at RSU?

A business degree from RSU provides students with a thorough understanding of business principles and equips them with specialized industry knowledge and skills. Students graduate ready to enter the workforce or pursue graduate education.

Business classes provide students with the flexibility they need to pursue both personal and professional goals. Classes are offered day, night and online to accommodate both traditional and non-traditional students’ schedules, with some programs offered entirely online.

Students also have the opportunity to join Sigma Beta Delta, an international honors society that offers its members fellowships, internships, networking opportunities, and recognition of academic achievements.

Dr. Dana GrayDr. Dana Gray, Associate Professor

“Business gives students the opportunity to learn practical skills that will be useful in their personal and professional lives, and every organization relies on those skills. A degree in business can appeal to students who are interested in creativity, leadership, efficiency, strategy, accountability, productivity, and more. The business department has faculty members with both real-world experience and strong academic research backgrounds, and they work as a team to create student success. Business degrees are very pragmatic, and can help students creatively explore how to turn their passion and learning into a sustainable career.”
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