Girl with Residential Life RSU shirtThe Center of Student Life!

These aren’t the cinder block dorm rooms your parents, or even your older siblings, remember. RSU Student Housing offers full-time Hillcats a place to live and study in comfort, while staying close to vibrant academic and social activities that make the college experience memorable.

Why live on campus?

In addition to the obvious advantages of being close to your classes and campus activities, and having access to campus resources, studies show that students living on campus actually have a greater opportunity for growth and success.

Living in a student community enhances the learning process and better prepares the individual for the real world. Just as important, living in the RSU Student Apartments is fun. The heart of the action, the closeness of your peers, and the privacy of your living quarters are just some of the many reasons that this is the best place to get the most out of your college experience.

Residential Life COVID-19 FAQs

Each space will have signage to inform you the maximize number of individuals allowed in each space at one time. You must also clean the space before and after you use it.

We will have electrolyzed water available in the Clubhouse for you to fill spray bottle for cleaning.

Commonly touched areas – doorknobs, desks, tables, keyboards, light switches – should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. The CDC recommends the use of a disinfectant registered with the EPA or a 10% bleach/water solution.

Cell phones, touch screens and device remote controls should also receive special consideration for disinfecting. Disposable microfiber cloths and disinfectant wipes are useful. Avoid using gels, liquids or abrasive cleaners directly on electronic devices. Consult the device’s manufacturer for an appropriate wipe or procedure.

Each resident should take steps to protect their health, which also helps safeguard their neighbors’ wellbeing. Take a moment to review the CDC's COVID-19 Guidelines for helpful information on how to protect yourself and others.

We have limited number of rooms available for those individuals who truly have nowhere off campus to go. Individuals staying in isolation will need to provide own bedding, towels, kitchen items, and necessary items. The unit will have a bed, dresser, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher along with Cox Cable and WIFI.

It is strongly encouraged that students have a plan for off campus housing.

RSU will work with individuals on a case by case basis to determine the best course of action for all individuals involved.

Residential Life does plan to offer housing regardless of the instruction method of classes; however, we will monitoring CDC guidelines along with local, state, and federal regulations and there is a chance that we may need to close.

While we do plan to allow residency during breaks, you will be required to register to stay on campus; however, this is subject to change given the state of the pandemic.

Residents are strongly discouraged from having guests in their living spaces this academic year. If you do have non-resident guest, they must provide negative COVID-19 results and clearance through MyRSU Visitor Screening which is good for 14 days only. A non-resident guest is anyone that currently does not live on campus. Anyone visited between hours of 2 am - 7 am will still be required to additionally call the RA on duty before midnight for a guest pass.

RSU Residential Life will update residents as needed throughout the year.