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Enjoy the full campus experience at Rogers State University!

One of the most exciting parts of the college journey is living on campus and being at the center of student life. Rogers State University student housing is so much more than the cinder block rooms that many other universities provide. We offer full-time Hillcats a place to live, study, make friends, and thrive as part of our active campus community.

Whether you are joining RSU from out of state or already living in Oklahoma, there are so many benefits to living in student housing. You’ll be close to your classes and fun campus activities, but did you know students who live on campus actually enjoy a greater chance for growth and success? Living in student housing lets you experience the freedom and flexibility of living on your own while immersing yourself in life on campus surrounded by your peers.

With your health and studies top of mind, we here at RSU offer a wide range of culinary options throughout the day. Whether it’s one of our complete three meals a day or snacks between classes, or your favorite Starbucks drink or grab-and-go, you’ll find everything you need to stay fueled throughout your day.

Student Apartments at Rogers State University

We are committed to offering student housing options and amenities that let you experience life on campus while still enjoying the luxuries you may have at home. The list of features that are included in our student apartments is long, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Furnished private rooms
  • Wi-Fi and internet access in every room
  • 24-hour access to computers in the Clubhouse
  • Utilities included in the cost of housing
  • Laundry rooms
  • Food pantry

Learn more about student apartment amenities and layouts.

Student Housing Options and Costs

When planning for life on campus, it’s important to think about your budget and what kind of student housing you are interested in. Do you want to live with roommates? Would you prefer a private room, or maybe a private two-bedroom? Whichever option you choose, you’ll be at the center of our thriving campus community.

We offer a range of housing options that can accommodate any budget. We also offer family housing to provide a safe and comfortable community for you and your family members.

Learn more about the cost of each student housing option.

Dining on Campus

You will find complete comfort and campus community in both our housing and dining amenities. We are equipped to provide food choices that are compatible with most diets.

Students living in units with full kitchens have the option to purchase a block meal plan with set swipes for the whole semester and flex dollars, while other residents purchase a meal plan with a set number of swipes per week and flex dollars for the semester.

Read more about dining options on campus.

A Healthy Campus Community

Fresh foods, vegan, vegetarian, and ever-changing menus allow us to offer a variety of choices to fuel both your body and your mind. At Chapman Dining Hall, Hillcat Hut Café, or Hilltop Coffee Shop, you can build lasting friendships over great food while engaging with our campus community.

Additionally, Mindful by Sodexo helps you make Mindful choices. Those choices can be from selecting Mindful snacking and grocery choices, dining at either of our locations with transparency of ingredients, or even on how to get a full night’s rest to reset for the next day. Mindful focuses on food and overall health. Our executive chefs and registered dietitians make it easy to make a Mindful choice second nature.

We also offer a variety of clearly labeled vegetarian and vegan options at Chapman Dining Hall.

Keeping Housing and Dining Sustainable

We make it easy to keep your life on campus environmentally conscious through initiatives that lower food waste, save energy, and even turn coffee grounds into fertilizer for gardens.

Thanks to our Lean Path, our kitchens prevent unnecessary food waste by implementing a proven process that lets you track, learn about, and drive lasting change within the campus community.

Campus Community Events

We believe that housing and dining on campus should always be a fun experience. That’s why each month we showcase campus-wide dining events—such as pop-up food events, national food days, holidays/celebration events, giveaways, and much more! Along with dining events, our resident assistants host engaging activities for on-campus students to connect with others, strengthen life skills, and create a home away from home.

What better way to create a community table than learning other cuisines and cultures alongside your peers? Our engaging dining events allow our guests to experience food staples from around the world and across the U.S. Our most popular featured items are our poke bowls and sushi, which we offer monthly.

What Hillcats say about RSU housing and dining.

“The RSU Dining Services Department not only fueled my academic journey but also became the cornerstone of lasting memories. Their commitment to quality, variety, and nutritional excellence truly reflects the institution’s dedication to nourishing both mind and body. Looking back, some of my fondest memories at RSU happened during a trip to Chapman Dining Hall or the Hillcat Hut.” – Trent Siever, ’22 B.A. in Public Affairs, TU Law 2025

Life on Campus: Paying Made Easy

In addition to thinking about housing and dining, another thing you should consider when preparing for life on campus is how to pay for groceries, snacks, and other services. Luckily, RSU offers several options to easily pay for these things.

Cat Cash is a spending account on your Hillcat Card and can be used to purchase items at Dining Services locations throughout campus and the copier service in the library.

Flex Dollars are included in the housing and dining contract you sign and added to your card as part of your meal plan. Flex dollars can only be used in the Hillcat Hut and Hillcat Coffee Shop by University Housing residents.

Learn more about paying for life on campus.

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