The Office is contacting you because we received information that you may have behaved in a way that is not aligned with what is expected of you as a student. You may have a few questions about what your experience with the Student Development will look like.

Below is a list of common questions:

What happens when I am called in to meet with a University conduct officer?
You will receive an explanation of the conduct process, review a report of the alleged violation, and have the opportunity to share your version of what happened. Typically, at the end of the meeting a resolution will be reached regarding a determination of possible and, if applicable, relevant sanctions.

What happens if I don’t schedule or keep my appointment?
A determination of responsibility will be made in your absence based on the available information. In most cases, an enrollment hold will also be placed which prevents you from registering for classes and obtaining a transcript. If you are found responsible, you will still have sanctions to complete.

Will my parents find out?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that prohibits educational institutions from releasing information about a student’s educational record to third parties, including parents, without the consent of the student. Conduct or discipline records are considered a part of a student’s “education records.” There are some exceptions. The law does allow educational institutions to notify parents when a student is under 21 and is found responsible for a drug or alcohol-related violation. Students are generally notified when parents will be contacted.

How can I prepare for my meeting?
We suggest you review the Student Code of Conduct before your meeting. In particular, review the alleged violations and the Administration of the Code sections. Be prepared to share honestly what happened during the incident, what you think you did right, and what, if anything, you think you could have done differently. Share any mitigating factors – such as reasons why you made a certain decision or if you were influenced by anyone or anything. Finally, if you feel appropriate, take responsibility for what happened and share what steps you believe you will take in the future to ensure that you maintain the educational environment for the RSU community.