Fall trees on campus

How has the RSU Alumni Association changed?

The RSU Alumni Association’s funding model has been changed to one based on charitable gifts instead of membership dues payments. The purpose and goals of the association have remained the same. All living RSU graduates will be members of the RSU Alumni Association. All members are encouraged to support the Alumni Annual Giving Campaign.

Why was the change made?

This change increases the association’s involvement with fundraising for the RSU Foundation. Alumni members can choose to have their gifts applied to either the Alumni Endowment Fund or the RSU Alumni Operating Fund.

I am already considered a Lifetime Member of the RSU Alumni Association. What will happen to my membership?

Lifetime members will be recognized as a special group within the university and will be able to participate in all alumni activities.

I am not an RSU graduate but I want to be a member of the RSU Alumni Association. How can I get involved?

Non-graduates of RSU who contribute $50 or more to the Alumni Annual Giving Campaign will be considered Friends of the University.