Chantel studying while her son colors.
Chantel Reben, SMILE Intern

My name is Chantel Reben and I’ve decided to be the first person in my family who will graduate from college. I felt it was important to pursue this goal for myself and to pave the road for my son, hoping it will inspire him to set his sights on higher education. I’ve learned that with a strong support system you can achieve anything in life. That’s why I was so excited to be a part of S.M.I.L.E. and help build this COMMUNITY of single moms who are trying to better their lives and their children’s! 

Single Mothers Inspiring Lifelong Education

Through a grant provided by the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma, Rogers State University is pleased to provide resources and support for single mothers who are furthering their education at RSU.

Being a college student is challenging on its own, but the added complexity of being a single mother can be a constant, uphill climb.

We applaud our single mother students, and hope the resources and services provided through SMILE help make the journey a bit easier.

As you peruse the resources listed on the left side of this page, please let us know if there are other services that would be beneficial to single mothers and we will consider adding those.

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