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Why Choose Fine Arts at RSU?

The Department of Fine Arts is equipped with art classrooms, studios, labs, darkrooms, rehearsal spaces, and a gallery to meet student needs before, during, and after the art-making process.

Students in the Fine Arts Department have the option to study Visual Arts and Native American Studies. Visual Arts students can specialize in graphic design, multimedia, photographic arts, or studio arts. Graduates of the fine arts program are employed in a variety of fields, including art education, museum/gallery work, graphic and photographic design, art research and restoration, art therapy, trade show design, art marketing, and studio art.

Joshua Meier ’08, B.F.A. Visual Arts

“Having just come back to academia after a long hiatus, Rogers State University was a good fit for me as I readjusted to school life again. The B.F.A. program had just been approved and I was one of the first to start the major. Without the B.F.A., I honestly don’t think I would have been able to go directly into graduate school at the University of Tulsa where I was a graduate assistant in charge of the Kravis Digital Lab and the Kendall Hall Photo lab. I am a metal worker at Garden Deva Sculpture Company where I design, fabricate, and finish various metal sculptures for the home and garden. In addition, I occasionally teach photography for Northeast Technology Center in Pryor. I plan on continuing my career as an artist and as well as teaching at the university level.”

Joshua Meier sitting on a bench in an art studio.