• Monica Scott
    RSU’s Monica Scott Accepted to OU’s Master of Arts in Global Studies Program

The Honors Program at Rogers State University

The Honors Program provides an atmosphere where our best and brightest scholars – students much like you – can challenge themselves academically and maximize their college experience.

Students who want to follow their intellectual curiosities and acquire a broad understanding of the world should consider applying to this scholarship program as it will set the stage for success in graduate school or in a distinguished career.

The Honors Program offers a generous four-year scholarship package that fully covers*:

  • tuition, fees, and books
  • on-campus housing
  • an approved meal plan
  • minus any other federal, state, and/or private grants and scholarships

*Scholarships and awards from other sources may affect the total scholarship package. All actual amounts are determined in conjunction with a student’s federal aid package.


  • Priority enrollment in classes
  • Faculty/student joint research opportunities and involvement
  • Classes specifically geared for program students
  • Engagement with a community of scholars
  • Special recognition at graduation upon completing the program

Service Learning

The Honors Program requires that students engage in at least 25 hours of service per semester with government agencies, social service agencies, or non-commercial entities. Service learning projects will be “real world” experience directly relating to your area of academic or professional interests. All projects will be approved in advance by the faculty advisor and Director of the Honors Program.

Program Mission

The Rogers State University Honors Program supports the larger vision and mission of the University. The goal of the program is to cultivate excellenceexcellence in academics, excellence in character, and excellence in service. The program challenges talented students to develop intellectual curiosity, intellectual rigor, independent reasoning, creative thinking, superior communication skills, strong leadership abilities, a system for ethical decision making, and a desire for lifelong learning.

Students with strong academic records and motivation to excel personally and academically join with select faculty to form a University community that supports outstanding scholarship, personal growth, and service. The Honors Program educates in a collaborative, experiential, learningbased environment of faculty and students.

Graduates of the program act as agents of change in their academic, professional, and personal lives, cultivate the community approach to life and learning, hold lasting commitments to academic and social responsibility, integrate creative and critical thinking in diverse approaches to problem solving, embrace the principles and practices of the lifelong learner, value pluralism and informed civic discourse, and explore technology and information literacy as critical resources for life in the twentyfirst century.