How much time is required to be a member?
Your time commitment in the fraternity/sorority will depend on your level of involvement with the group. One of the most important skills you will learn as a Greek is how to better manage your time and balance your academics, job, and Greek commitments.

What will my first months as a Greek be like?
You’ll be surprised at how many new people you will come in contact with as a Greek. You will soon have friends that you can call “brother” or “sister.” By learning the history and purpose of your organization, you will find out more about yourself and your new friends. Members will help show you the ropes of college, the Greek system, and your organization.

How do you join a fraternity/sorority?
The Office of Student Affairs organizes a period in which you and the Greeks get to learn more about each other. The recruitment period is the time when you will learn about and meet the different Greek organizations. There will be plenty of flyers around, so just look for them. There is an organization for everyone!

Is hazing a problem?
Hazing is forbidden by all Greek organizations at RSU, as well as throughout the country. Each organization has expectations of new members, but these are centered on guidelines such as leadership, scholarship, and service. To make your new membership a smoother experience, you should remember to ask the different Greek organizations specific questions about what will be expected of you as a new member.

Is Greek life still like “Animal House”?
No. RSU Greeks are well aware of their responsibilities, not only to their individual organizations, but to the Greek community as well.  RSU Greeks have worked hard to provide a more conscious, enjoyable college experience than what was expressed in the movie.

What will I learn?
You will learn the history of the Greek tradition throughout the county as well as about your individual organization and chapter. You will become a part of many years of traditions, learning, and fun. Most importantly, by becoming a Greek, you will learn more about who you are and what you can be.