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    RSU Announces Summer 2021 Honor Roll

Why Choose History and Political Science at RSU?

RSU’s History and Political Science department offers several associate and baccalaureate degrees to traditional and nontraditional students with multiple opportunities for degree specialization.

An education in history and political science prepares students to pursue a variety of careers, including education, communication, archaeology, public administration, security/intelligence, research and political office.

The department provides students with opportunities for internships, which allow students to work in a public service agency, explore career options within their fields of study and integrate classroom learning with work-related experience.

Kyle FieldsKyle Fields
B.A. in History
Teaching Assistant, OSU History Master’s Program

“Rogers State University supplied me with the skills I needed to succeed both as a graduate student and as a teaching assistant. My degree program provided me with all the tools necessary to thrive in an advanced academic setting and in my professional life.”