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Retention Rates (IPEDS):
62% Fall 2018 First-time Freshman Bachelor’s Cohort 1st-Year Retention Rate.

Retention Rate by Degree Program:
74% Fall 2017 First-time Freshman Cohort 1st-Year.

Completion/Graduation Rates (IPEDS):
33% Fall 2012 First-time Freshman Cohort 6-Year Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Rate.

Graduation Rates by Degree Program:
31% Overall Fall 2010 First-time Freshman Cohort 6-Year.

Transfer-out Rates (IPEDS):
29% Fall 2012 First-time Freshman Cohort Transfer Out Rate.

Graduate Employment and Continuing Education: 
53% 3-Year Average Graduating Students Pursuing Another Degree.
67% 3-Year Average Directly-Related Employment for Graduates with Full-Time Employment.

Individuals are entitled to a paper copy of RSU’s student outcomes. To request a paper copy, please contact Dr. Mary Milikin.