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Rogers State University has reviewed the following established scholarships and wish to make students aware of them. RSU is not affiliated with any of these foundations and in no way endorse these scholarships. Be aware of any scholarship that requires an application fee.



Health Sciences:


Out-of-State Tuition Waivers:

Waivers are available for the out-of-state portion of tuition. On-line students and International students are not eligible for the out-of-state tuition waiver. Please note the waiver will only cover the out-of-state portion of tuition charges. The Application for Admission serves as the application for an Academic Tuition Waiver.

Students 65 or Older:

Oklahoma residents over the age of 65 who wish to audit courses can apply for a tuition only waiver for up to 7 hours in fall/spring semester and up to 4 hours in summer semester. Apply in person.