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Environmental Studies Program Features

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies❖ program is a multidisciplinary program focusing on local, national, and global environmental problems.

Through a series of academic courses, students will examine the relationships between the environment and life on the planet including such issues as climate change, natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, resource depletion, sustainability, and mitigation activities.

The Environmental Studies Program prepares students for lifelong learning and service in a diverse society. In addition, students in the program will foster student excellence in oral and written communications, scientific reasoning, and critical and creative thinking.

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This program is available online.

Dr. Brian Andrews, Department Head and Associate Professor

“Our students are interested in human behavior – how and why humans behave the way they do, how society functions and changes, and how humans interact with their social and physical environments. Our degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Community Counseling, and Environmental Studies develop skills in critical thinking and research, and give students the ability to transform their interests into careers that allow them to serve the people in their communities.”

Dr. Brian Andrews