Unsure about your future?

Rogers State University Career Services offers a free comprehensive career assessment and planning site to help you through deciding or confirming your educational/career path.

FOCUS Career and Education Planning Solutions

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Focus-2 Provides:

  • Career assessments
  • Occupational advice
  • Videos from professionals in various career fields
  • Many other career planning tools

Focus-2 Answers the Questions:

  • What can I do with a major in …?
  • How can I prepare now for my future career?
  • What is the job outlook for my chosen career field?

After you complete the assessment, please schedule a career advising appointment with RSU Career Services at 918-343-7864 or [email protected].

Unsure of what major to choose?

Career Options by Major

Check out our Career Options by Major list to see what field you could have a career in based on your major. Disclaimer: Not every major on this list is an exact match to the majors offered by RSU. However, the majors listed could be closely related.

Master’s Degrees:
Master’s of Business Administration
Bachelor’s Degrees:
Applied Technology – Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
Biology – Environmental Conservation
Biology – Medical/Molecular
Business Administration – Accounting
Business Administration – Entrepreneurship
Business Administration – Human Resources Management
Business Administration – Management
Business Administration – Marketing
Business Administration – Supply Chain Management
Business Information Technology – Computer Network Administration
Business Information Technology – Software Development and Multimedia
Communications – Communication Arts
Communications – Corporate Communications
Communications – Radio-Television
Community Counseling
Elementary Education
Game Development
General Studies
History – American History
History – General History
Justice Administration – Collegiate Officer Program
Justice Administration – Cyber Investigation
Justice Administration – Law/Justice
Liberal Arts – English
Liberal Arts – Global Humanities
Military History
Nursing BSN
Nursing RN-to-BSN
Organizational Leadership – Business Studies
Organizational Leadership – Liberal Studies
Organizational Leadership – Social Studies
Public Affairs – Political Science
Public Affairs – Public Administration
Public Affairs – Focus: Accounting and Budgeting
Public Affairs – Focus: General Management
Public Affairs – Focus: Human Resources Management
Public Affairs – Focus: Media Communications
Public Affiars – Focus: Research and Analysis
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Science – Environmental Studies
Social Science – Psychology
Social Science – Sociology
Social Studies Education
Sport Management – Sport Business
Sport Management – Fitness Management
Visual Arts – Graphic Design
Visual Arts – Multimedia
Visual Arts – Photographic Arts
Visual Arts – Studio Art
Associate’s Degrees:
Applied Technology
Biological Sciences
Business Administration
AS Computer Science
Criminal Justice Studies – Collegiate Officer Program
Criminal Justice Studies – Cyber Investigation
Criminal Justice Studies – Law/Justice
Elementary Education
Emergency Medical Services
Liberal Arts – General
Liberal Arts – English
Liberal Arts – English (Secondary Education)
Liberal Arts – Native American Studies
Nursing – Bridge NREMT-Paramedic/LPN-RN
Physical Science – Chemistry
Physical Science – Engineering/Physics/Math
Physical Science – Geology
Secondary Education – General
Secondary Education – Social Studies
Social Science – History
Social Science – Political Science
Social Science – Psychology
Social Science – Sociology