The Purchasing office facilitates the procurement of goods and services for all Rogers State University campuses.

Procurement, most often used within governmental organizations, refers to the overall process of acquiring a product or service. Governments and corporations may also refer to the more specific terms of purchasing or acquisition. Depending on the circumstances, it may include some or all of the following:

  • identifying a need
  • specifying the requirements to fulfill the need
  • identifying potential suppliers
  • soliciting bids and proposals
  • evaluating bids and proposals
  • awarding contracts or purchase orders
  • tracking progress and ensuring compliance
  • taking delivery
  • inspecting and inventorying the deliverable
  • paying the supplier


What is an “Independent Contractor”?

An independent contractor is defined by law as one who engages to perform certain services for another, according to his own manner, method, free from control and direction of his contractor in all matters connected with the performance of the service, except as to the result or product of the work. An independent contractor must also have not been under the employment of the University within that last 12 (twelve) months.

How do I establish an “Independent Contractor”?

Please see the Independent Contractor Request – Instruction Sheet (pdf).

Do I need to flag a technology item as ‘computer’ so it is routed through Academic Computing Services for approval?

Typically, any item that involves technology or might attach to a computer should be flagged as a computer item and routed appropriately. Items of that nature include, but are not limited to computers, monitors, computer hardware, software, printers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, computer cables, technological contracts and/or renewals, telephones, digital cameras, and video cameras.

Administrative expendable items that do not need to be flagged include, but are not limited to compact discs, floppy disks, Flash (thumb) drives, printer ink or toner, mice, keyboards,computer speakers, and webinars.

By using common sense and guidelines previously supplied by ACS, department and purchasing personnel should be able to identify items that may be considered technology or technology related. All uncertainties should be directed to ACS for clarification before the purchase is approved. Once an item is initially identified as being technology or technology related, then each subsequent purchase of the same or similar item should be marked as a technology item.

I need to buy a furniture item; where do I start?

If you or your department is in need of furniture, including office chairs, desks, filing cabinets, televisions, etc., start by initiating a Capital Request through the Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance. If approved, contact the Purchasing office to proceed with locating a vendor and verify if the procurement should be completed through a competitive bidding process.