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2022-2023 Academic Year Tuition & Fees

Fee Type Amount How Paid
Tuition & Fees $900 Per 3-Hour Class
Identity Management Fee $10 Per Academic Year
Graduation Fee $40 Paid in Final Semester

Total Tuition and Fees: $10,880*
* Based on 2022-2023 residential tuition and fees. Out-of-state students can contact [email protected] for additional information.

Dr. David Johnk, Assistant Professor, Department of Business

“Earning an MBA can provide students with a leg up in the job market. Students tell me that their MBA was a crucial difference maker for new hiring and promotion. The RSU MBA program really distinguishes itself through small class sizes, which allow the professors to work more closely with students and take a mentoring role to help students through graduate school and their careers.” More About Dr. Johnk

Dr. David Johnk